What Is the Longest Highway in the World?


Traveling can be fun, but exhausting at the same time and it mostly depends on the group of people you are traveling with and the road you are going to take. If you are more nature person, that we highly recommend you take the longer, but more comfortable road for your needs. These are the roads that go through forests, villages, and wilderness. You are more likely to enjoy looking at all the beauty that nature gave than the speeding cars all around you. On the other hand, if you are in the hurry or you just like the feeling when blood rushes through your veins, then refill your fuel tank and jump into the craziness on the longest highway in the world. Of course, you always need to pay attention not to hurt or jeopardize someone else’s life.
In case you are an American citizen, this is your lucky day because the longest highway in the world is placed exactly in your country. And not only that it is on the top of the list of the longest highways in the world, but it is also the highway that passes through the most countries. According to the research done by Insider Monkey, the length of the Pan-American Highway is the incredible 29,825 miles or 48,000 kilometers. Obviously, since the US is the largest country in the world, the biggest number of highways is placed just in it, and some of them are proven to deserve a place as one of the longest highways in the world. But if the US is too far away from you, maybe China or Australia isn’t? in this case, you have to check out Insider Monkey’s research report about 10 longest highways in the world.