What Is the Most Dangerous Shark in the World?


We are all thought since we were kids to stay away from the seas and oceans where the sharks are, as we would lose our life. Although this statement is mostly true, there are also many shark attacks survivors, which mean that not all sharks are dangerous as it is said. But still, you should be careful when you go swimming as there are some species that will literally rip you off completely. This is why it is important to know what the most dangerous shark in the world is and where to they live.

The first thing you should be aware of is that humans are a threat to sharks more than sharks are a threat to humans. If you would look through a low about fishing, you would find dozens of laws against catching sharks and be sure that these laws shouldn’t be taken for granted. I won’t start with telling you that we are all God’s creatures, as atheism has been a common thing among people in the last couple of decades, but the truth is that we are all entitled to live, no matter whether we are humans or animals. Nature works this way: every animal eats some animal, every human eats some animals, and some animals eat humans. So, while we are trying hard to prevent the extinguish of the human race by being eaten by some animal, we should also consider the ways to prevent the extinguish of animals by being eaten or caught by other animals and humans. We can’t stop that completely, but we can at least make sure there is a proper balance there as there are nowadays 30,3% of shark species threatened to disappear due to the human actions.

But as previously said, like we are a threat to them, we should still take care of ourselves when it comes to them. The greatest shark attack in human history has happened in 1945 when the Indianapolis’ ship traveling to the Philippines has found itself in the middle of the war between America and Japan and, like always, the third side takes the worse end, as it was hit by a Japanese torpedo. Much of the crew drowned, but there were still hundreds of passengers alive but were, later on, became the food to the sharks. There were only 317 alive at the end to tell this horrible story. This is why it is really important to take care when you go off to the sea. Especially when you run into some of the 11 most aggressive sharks in the world Insider Monkey’s research team prepared for you.