What Is the Most Expensive Wood for Furniture in the World?


When you are decorating your house or you simply want to buy a new piece of furniture, you are looking for two things: nice design and the quality. Every material can be changed, except for the base, which is usually made of wood. And what is the most expensive wood for furniture in the world?
When I bought my furniture, I was very surprised by the low price, especially for the kitchen and wardrobe that was paid double a month later by one of my ex-co-workers. First, I thought they were fools and mocked behind their backs for a while. But then, something strange happened. My kitchen started falling apart. When I asked my co-worker about the condition of their kitchen, they said they were still very satisfied and, besides a few scratches they made by themselves, the kitchen is still quite new.
Of course, I didn’t believe it, so I stopped by one day for a coffee and realized something: although our kitchen had the same colors and same design, they felt totally different when I touched the cupboards. The trick was in material, which was the main reason why I passed so cheap. The wood that was used for making my cupboards was lower class and therefore, the lower quality. As it turned out by the end of the day, he was the one who gave less money, since I had to buy all the pieces again, but this time, for a bigger price in order to get the better quality. I always say: bigger price doesn’t guarantee you better quality. According to this, I made a mistake. But it’s ok. Everyone does it from time to time. It is totally natural and I got the chance to learn from my own mistakes. To be honest, I would much rather learn from someone else’s mistake, but I have to admit it and accept things the way they are.
Just to be sure for the next time, there are 15 most expensive wood for furniture in the world, and their price is actually reasonable due to their quality