Bullying, cyberbullying and suicide are the most common among teenagers, as this period is most sensitive to them and being different isn’t easy at all. The questions that many are trying to answer is what is the rate of bullying and suicide in the US and why is that so hard to define?

As we already mentioned bullying and suicide among teenagers, we will proceed with it. The boundary for defying this problem among teenagers lies in the fact that most of them are too afraid or ashamed to admit that they are being bullied by kids at school. Most of the time, even the parents can’t recognize this in their kid’s behavior since teenagers are very good at hiding things that they don’t want their parents to know about. First of all, they don’t want their parents to worry every time they go to school or even worse to come to school and report the problem to some specialists as they realize that the bullying will become even worse. On the other hand, all the teenagers change their behavior during this period and it is completely natural for their parents not to know the difference. Most of the bullying isn’t physical, so there are no visible scars or bruises. Bullying is usually verbal, but leave bigger scars in teenagers mental condition than they realize. But bullying became some kind of normal things in schools and for some reason, there are not so many people paying attention to it. Which brings us to even bigger problem. Bullied teenagers usually don’t know how to deal with this problem, so most of them start using some kind of drugs or alcohol and completely ruin their life, or even worse, they commit suicide because they don’t know what else to do and there is to much pressure. When their parents or schoolmates realize what is happening, it is usually too late. There are 29% of bullying victims that admitted they had some suicidal thoughts and there are definitely a lot more unreported and even worse, successfully committed suicides among those victims.

No parent gave birth to their child so that it would finish their life in less than 20 years, no person is supposed to feel the pressure of society for being different. School shouldn’t be the unsafe place, but the place where children would decide their next step in life and the institution that will form their personality. These 7 statistics of bullying, cyberbullying, and suicide in the US is something that everyone, and I literally mean everyone, from parents to school attendances should be informed about, so we can come in its way once and for all.