What Is the Women’s Status in India When It Comes to Business?


People would say that, due to the evolution in the area of human rights, the equality is all that matters. But India seems to still be a little behind in some field, including the equality. Unlike the America and Europe, where women are allowed to do every job that was earlier considered to be a men’s job, women from India are still overprotected in this field by the government. But, even though being overprotected might feel like the humane thing, in this case it isn’t. Women still have some veto when it comes to their rights, which is why we wanted to find out what is the women’s status in India when it comes to business nowadays.
Women in India are nowadays allowed to work and have the proper education like men. Still, they don’t get to have the same opportunities and are paid a lot less for the same job. Besides, not only that they are trying to work even harder than men in order to prove their capabilities, but they are also left with all the household work like they used to for centuries before. According to our research, the highest stress level is noticed among women between the ages of 25 and 55. And why is that? The pressure from society toward women’s population is still too high and it is demanded from them to balance both private and work life. This wouldn’t be such a big issue if they weren’t demanded to finish all the household chores like they didn’t have the profession of their own.
India is still the second overcrowded country in the world, which gives them far less opportunities to stand out from the crowd, especially in case of women population. While we did our research, we couldn’t manage to find the credible resources of the most stressful jobs for women, which is why Insider Monkey’s research team compiled the list of 7 most stressful jobs in India overall. So click on the link and you will be automatically transferred to the site where you can find all the interesting details due to this topic.