What Is Your Favorite Festival?


Festivals are the cultural monuments of every country and each of these countries is making their best to be more creative and innovative in making up the new festivals. We wanted to find out all sorts of festivals that are out there. If you are interested in this topic, proceed with reading and decide what is your favorite festival of them all?
This topic can’t be even written without mentioning two world famous carnivals: Rio de Janeiro and Chinese Carnival. Both so similar, both so spectacular, but too different in the same time.
They are costumed and entertaining, traditional and fun. It is a public party for everyone when it comes to this time of year. The Rio de Janeiro carnival is first time held back in 1823 and during these 2 centuries, it became the biggest festival in the world with around 2 million visitors every year. Every year, you can see floats and entrepreneurs from numerous samba dancing academies in Brazil in colorful costumes dancing and entertaining all the visitors out there on the street.
On the other hand, Chinese festival is held every year before their New Year and, therefore, it is much more traditional in one sense, but in the other, more spectacular. We all know Chinese people and their fabulous fireworks on every international event, but can you imagine being able to enjoy it every single year? Besides, every year, there are dragons included.
While we are still the costumed festivals, we shouldn’t forget to mention Venice’s fairytale. Every year for the last 900 years, each person in the world can put a mask on and do whatever and whoever they want without any regrets or shame, since no one will ever know who you are.
But besides these clean and peaceful ones, there are also more creative ones all around the world every person should attend at least once in their life. You might be surprised why I said ‘’clean’’, but this expression really works when it comes to comparing these three with, for example, South Korea’s Boryeong Mud festival, that was actually created as an annual advertisement of the cosmetic company that uses mud from Boryeong in their products and you get the chance to enjoy mud prison, slide, pool and other muddy entertainments out there. Or Spain’s tomato festivals where the attendees are throwing tomatoes at each other or sliding on railways of tomatoes.
But if you are more a looker than an attendee, than these 10 biggest hot air balloon festivals in the world are perfect for you. There are a lot more if you are interested.