What Language Is the Most Difficult to Learn for English Speakers?


As it turned out that English is the most widely-spoken language in the world, you would think that the people who are native English speakers don’t need to learn any other language as there isn’t a country where they can’t use their mother tongue without being understood. English is the official language in 67 countries, that includes 4 countries in UK and 52 states in the USA, then there are Canada, Australia, and some countries in South Africa. Besides them, English is widely spoken as a second language in every other country which makes it easier for foreigns to communicate and understand each other. Even though it is not the easiest language for some speakers, like speakers from Spain, China, and Arabic speakers, the majority of people from these countries are familiar with at least basics. But how hard is for English speakers to learn second language?

Since people from countries where English is the official language can go anywhere in the world and communicate with others without any language barriers, they usually don’t make a big effort to learn some other language. And why would they? But, as every other subject in school, it is not completely bad to know something, even though you may think that there wouldn’t be any situation in your life where you could use it. If you would apply for some higher place in a firm, you would be higher on the list than the one that speaks just one language. Second of all, there is more room to travel and move from your country. When English speakers learn the German language, they could work in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, South Tyrol in Italy, parts of Belgium and Liechtenstein. Not bad, right?

But what if English speakers tried to learn some of the East Asian languages? Well, they would probably fall apart from studying.  I don’t claim that it is impossible for native English speakers to learn some of the East Asian languages, but it is definitely harder for them, then, for example, native Spanish speakers. If you are interested in seeing 9 hardest languages to learn for English-speakers, click on the link, and see if there is some language that you are brave enough to start learning today.