What Languages Are Easiest for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic Speakers To Learn?


Since 1880 there were many scientists who tried to make a unique language that will be understandable to literally every person in the world, no matter which country they come from. That led to 11 constructed international auxiliary languages, but they didn’t ever serve their purpose since no one actually bothered using them as a second language as it was meant to. In order to understand each other better, people started learning foreign languages that had the higher number of speakers such as Russian, English, and German. Those languages had both wide range of usage and were easy to learn as there were many shows, newspapers and other medias published in those languages. After some time, English became the most spoken language in the world as it was spoken in Gross Britain, that counts 4 countries and the US that counted 52 states, and, whenever you go, it was enough to know that one language so that all people could understand you. But, still, English is not the only easy language to learn for some people. The difficulty mostly depends on the group that the language originates from. But there are some other similarities that others can’t see at first, but makes different kinds of languages similar to others. For example, do you know what languages are easiest for Spanish, Chinese, and Arabic speakers to learn? If you think there is none, try again. Believe it or not, our research team found 7 languages that every of the previously mentioned language speakers can learn without any problem. For example, we all assume that Japanese is one of the easiest foreign languages for Chinese to learn, but did you know that Japanese is also influenced by Spanish and Arabic language as well? Neither did I until recently, but this actually makes perfect sense if you would look closer to the grammar rules and vocabulary. if you would like to know what are 7 easiest languages to learn for Spanish, Chinese and Arabic speakers, check out the article that Insider Monkey’s research team prepared for you and if you are a native speaker of some of them, be free to try learning a new language. It is never late to try.