A picture is worth a thousand words. No matter how hard you try, there aren’t enough words or phrases in any language in the world to express your inner condition as strong as the painting does. That’s why artists are so respected not just in the elite, but any other social circle. Their talent isn’t just making moves with a brush, but transforming their happiness, fears, excitement, sadness, lust, satisfaction or dissatisfaction into paintings. Whenever you look some of those paintings, because of the hardness of the brush moves, color mixture, and shapes, you can feel everything artist felt while making their masterpiece.

However, choosing art as the profession is a big risk, since artists don’t have fixed salary or because their art isn’t that well understood, so there are a million examples of artists who were posthumously accepted as big artists, and not just amateurs looking for some fame. And if you are one of those artists, how can you survive with your work? Well, simply by selling them on eBay, like everything else. Since there are offers on eBay even for screwdrivers, there must be some buyer for your painting as well.  And what paintings you can sell on eBay? Basically, any painting you finish, you can immediately upload.

But, depending on the type of paintings, there is a different percentage of selling, which is why is best to have some of those highly recommended paintings, just in case that your work isn’t appreciated enough in the moment you are in a serious money need. I don’t suggest that you should completely give up on your dreams, I just suggest you pick some type of paintings that are most sold for beginning, until you find the usual buyers and just to be sure you have enough money every month for basic needs, and put your dream separately, so you kill both flies with one slap.  And do you know what the most sold paintings on eBay are? If you don’t, the Insider Monkey’s research team is here to help with 9 most popular paintings sold on eBay.