Before we introduce you to the best speakeasy bars in NY that you should definitely try out, we should explain what the speakeasy bars are. During the Prohibition Era which lasted from 1920. to 1933.serving alcohol was illegal which is why bar owners made a great effort hiding their alcohol-serving bars as much as they could. In order to do that, they had to be creative, so many bars were hidden behind the bookshelves, in back rooms, behind the hidden walls and you could enter only if you had the secret password. After the Prohibition Era ended, many of them became legitimate or even vanished.

But, as the time passed, many owners took the idea of the speakeasy bars as some business innovation that actually turned out to be a very good invesment. And, unlike every other regular bar with the bar sign in front of the entrance, those bars have a unique design, mostly based on the Prohibition Era. You would actually be surprised how many times you actually pased the entrence of those bars while ordering furniture or food.

The trick of those bars is that they are not registered anywhere you could find and there are no official website or yellow pages where you can find their numbers. Like a secret society indeed. For example, if you stop to pick up some tater tots at gourmet hot dog joint Crif Dogs in 133 St Mark Pl, you can easily pick up the phone and talk to the host to reserve your place at PDT, which actually stands for ’’Please Don’t Tell’’ bar. Also, did you notice how many people enter Lower East Side Toy Company in 102 Norfolk Street and go out without buying anything? Well, try entering sometimes and you can be served with teacups filled with cocktails instead of the green tea and bottled beer in brown paper bags. And there is also backroom that is reserved for the private parties.

If you are in need for a secret hideout where you can surprise your date or just go alone to rest your mind from everyday chores and responsibilities, Insider Monkey’s research team provided 16 best-hidden speakeasy bars in NYC with all information needed to find them or reserve your place, so check it out and let us know your experience.