You will understand how amazing Amazon Echo is when you will know what things can be done with Amazon Echo. This fascinating gadget can help your daily activities in a lot of different ways.

Even though Amazon Echo looks like a regular speaker, it is actually a first of its kind innovation. Developed by Amazon, this smart speaker is capable of listening and responding to your voice commands with the help of an AI. Even though it costs nearly $200, it is still a value for money investment because of the long list of things it can do for you. It can act as a timer and you will not worry about forgetting about time and burn your favorite dish. Amazon has also struck deals with a few companies such as Uber and Domino’s Pizza and you will be able to instruct the AI assistant, Alexa, to book you an Uber ride or order a delicious pizza and both will arrive at your doorsteps without you needing to pick up your phone. It also helps you to stay organized by allowing you to create a shopping list and update your Google calendar. You can also ask Alexa to repeat your instructions and you can simply listen to them. It can make your leisure time enjoyable by playing music from multiple music platforms and it can also access audio books and play them for you. If you like a comfortable and fit life, it will help you with daily training routines, temperature adjustment for your home and also traffic updates.

Amazon Echo can be very useful for you in your daily life. If you want to know more, check out Insider Monkey’s 10 Things You Can Do with Amazon Echo for more on this.