What types of art are the easiest to sell online?


Are you the artist willing to sell your art, but have nowhere to do it? Check this out. Over the past few years, the online art sale has increased by 24% thanks to the online markets and auctions. Besides the decorative arts, such as ceramics, which was available in almost every store since always, nowadays you can even buy paintings and sculptures by famous artists.

On the online platforms, you can order the fine arts, which are basically the visual arts, usually represented at the museums and galleries. Those are the paintings, drawings, sculptures, installations and other ones made exclusively for watching. Another kind of arts you can find online are decorative ones, which are actually the functional objects, made out of metal, wood, textile and similar material. The most spread kind of arts is the commercial arts. That’s the creative work done on the computer by professionals for some specific purpose. That includes advertisement, graphic design, logos, banners, and other multimedia. This is actually the cheapest kind of arts since there are dozens of freelancers getting them done for less than $10.

Since paintings are among the most famous types of art, until recent only the privilege of the richer people, this is actually the most sold item online now. Even in most cases the most expensive type of art, both oil and watercolor paintings as well as the prints were purchased by the 72% of all the online art buyers last year. Even though the sculptures are made for the people with the higher budget and very hard to ship because of its size and weight, it is still among the 5 most sold art items last year. For more details, check out Insider Monkey’s list of 6 types of art that sells best online.