Everyone has their own opinion about the educational system in their country and use their own valid arguments to make statements. While there are the ones supporting the system, there are also the ones who have more than one thing to say against the system in general. Both of their statements are based on their personal opinion and covered by some proven facts and researchers. These debates are in most cases interesting to listen and watch, but today, we want to take a look at the best educational debate ever. Of course, like any other debate and FAQ, this is also related to my personal opinion.
In my opinion, most interesting debates are based related to the educational system are based on two questions: whether or not should college education be free and is it better to earn more money or have more knowledge and education.
These to seem to be so different, but, on the other side, so correlated. There are so many children out there from lower class families that are so talented and smart but never get a chance to gain the proper education just because of the lack of funding. While some of them are at least getting good grades, attend school competitions and other school activities just to get points so they can apply for some full scholarships, there are also the ones that are misled and turned their back to the education. On the other hand, there are some children who don’t have an appropriate environment to study, which is why they are failing classes. Just to make clear, children who fail their classes are not necessarily stupid or bad kids. There are, most usually, kids who aren’t entitled to the proper education according to their surroundings. Since teenagers are especially fragile, opinions like this can aim them on a completely different side and they can transform themselves in actually becoming one of those stupid or bad kids. But, what if colleges actually gave all of those children the opportunity to step out of the crowd and show everyone what they are really capable of? They might even end up first in their class. The good education will get them the right knowledge and, therefore, a lot more job opportunities in their life. Just because someone’s parents have more money, it doesn’t mean that they should be treated better than the ones whose parents have just enough money for bills and food. They might have more expensive clothes or better cars, but the education should be available for everyone, no matter what their status was. This question is opened as one of the 10 best debate topics related to education and money and if you have some more, post them as a comment so we can discuss it further.