What Was the Biggest Sexual Scandal in the Political World?


When you hear some people from political world talk, you get the impression that they don’t have either personal, nor social, and not to even mention sexual life. But we are all living beings and therefore, we are all sexual beings and this also stands for politicians. Sometimes, a political world even looks like high school all over again. Everywhere you look, there are gossips, rumors, and scandals. But there are some differences between high school and political rumors and scandals. If you make some scandalous move in high school, only your peers will remember it. On the other hand, when some politician finds himself in the center of this kind of attention, it can ruin their whole life and it will always remain available for the wide audience online. This is exactly what happened to the biggest sexual scandal in the political world, the Lewinsky scandal.
We all know Monica Lewinsky for her influence in fashion and big screen scene. But before all of that, she had chosen a totally different career path. Initially, she was eager to make her way into the political scene, and she started out good, as a White House intern. But the way her career was going to be finished even before it started was probably something that she couldn’t even expect it. On the bright side, the scandal she was involved in when she was 22 after having a sexual intercourse with the former president Bill  Clinton, helped her launch herself in a public world and promote her big loves nowadays- fashion and TV.
But let’s concentrate a bit on the subject, shall we?
In 1998 the big truth about Bill Clinton’s infidelity and the sexual relationship with an intern in a period between 1995 and 1997 came out. Of course, he never admitted having any kind of affair with her, which made government investigate the case much deeper. After the truth was proven and released, the judge Susan Webber Wright who ran this case, charged Bill Clinton with a fine of $90,000 and suspension of his law degree in Arkansas for 5 years.
No one would probably have any insight into their relationship if the young intern could keep it as a secret. No one is sure if she was afraid to end it or the consequences, or she just wanted to brag about it, but Monica Lewinsky shared her secret with her co-worker from the Defense Department, Linda Tripp, who secretly recorded their conversation and reported it to the literary agent Lucianne Goldberg. In a meantime, she advised Monica to keep all the gifts she received from Bill as well as not to wash her blue dress that had stains of Bill’s semen.
Bill Clinton’s final defense was admitting that he met Monica Lewinsky 9 times during that year and a half, but made a boundary by claiming that he didn’t define receiving oral sex under the sexual intercourse since it has been the only thing that was done for all of that time. By his definition, sexual intercourse included contact by both partners, which wasn’t the case this time.
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