What were 4 inspirational speeches that brightened up the Golden Globe awards?


Despite all the excitement before the start of the Golden Globes, followed by the disappointment when at the beginning Jimmy Fallon was forced to improvise his monologue and we are all familiar with his skills, and the boring speeches of most of the winners, there were four speeches that had really stand out and make this event a bit bigger than it is. And what were those 4 inspirational speeches that brighten up the Golden Globe awards?

People who are awarded by some prestigious award such as Oscar, the Golden Globe and similar ones should be admirable people who need to deserve their prices because of the contribution in the art area they’re in and raise the awareness of the people for the global issues such as world hunger, racism, citizens and children rights, animal rights etc. That’s why those speeches are written until they are perfect, but this time, most of them failed to come up with the expectations. Still, there were four winners who managed to make higher standards to the next generations and send the strong messages to the rest of the world. Check out 4 inspirational moments from 2017 Golden Globe on Insider Monkey and see for yourself.