What Were the Most Brutal Ways for Execution Throughout History?


The death sentence is the last drop in punishing criminals, even bigger than the life sentence and can you imagine how bizarre and brutal crime should the criminal attend so that he would be punished like that. Nowadays, there are two ways of performing the death punishment. First is the lethal injection which is an intravenous injection of three different drugs that cause immediate death, while criminal was tied to the bed. This way of performing is said to be the least abusive and brutal way of death punishment. And on the other hand, there is electric chair which we are all familiar with.

In many countries, the death penalty is replaced with life sentence since it is claimed that everyone is entitled to their life and every person has the right to live. So, no matter how many people someone killed, there are least chances that he would be sentenced to death.

But, throughout history, a death penalty was used for almost every forbidden act and it was that spread that every new year came with some innovation or at least the upgrade of some death punishment. It was used as a punishment for regicide, treason, parenticide, witchcraft, poisoning and even adultery. Of course, every country had its most used way for performing death punishment and it made it worldwide famous just for that.

Some of the ones that we are all familiar with is the crucifixion, which was initially used by Romains and Antic Greeks, but became widely famous after the Jesus Christ’s crucifixion. The craft was initially made in a shape of a letter ‘’T’’. The, let’s say, benefit of this act was that criminals’ or victims’ legs were broken so they didn’t have any support at all, which made death come much faster. After the crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the wooden shape was remade in a shape of cross.

On the other hand, we have some extremely brutal ways of execution such as lingchi, or the death with thousand cuts, or impalement. I will stop here, since I assume that this is not for the ones with a weak stomach. But, if you are not one of them, click on the 16 brutal ways people were sentenced to death for the rest of the list along with the history and details of performing.