What You Should Spend Your Money On In Japan?


Wherever I go, I look for the specifics of that place, something that can be found only there and nowhere else. That can be their traditional food, monuments, parks or waterfalls. And the thing that I love the most when visiting some place is memories and souvenirs I pick up on my way home. That isn’t some expensive luxury item, but some small thing that will remind me of that place. Also, there are presents for others.

The most usual presents are magnets and wooden craft representing some specific monument or institution of that place. But, to be honest, that is something everyone buys and it’s become some kind of cliché since there are made in every city in the world. And why would you be like everyone else, instead of standing out of the crowd and be a bit creative? If you are planning a trip to Japan, we would like to help you with tips what you should spend your money on in Japan.

Number one is, of course, their cuisine.  It would be my dream-come-true if I would go to their restaurant where they serve the yakiniku. For the ones that don’t know what yakiniku is, it is a traditional Japanese dish that it’s basically meat in a size of one bite and it is prepared right in front of the customers on a grill table.

The second thing is visiting their monuments and the third one is the one we are talking about in this article- cool stuff you should pick up before you return to your ordinary life. Japanese culture is the very specific culture which means that there is a wide range of opportunities for you. We already said that meals are something that you definitely should spend your money on and, speaking of it, their restaurants also offer food sample items. They are that good made that it makes it really hard to see the difference between the real meal and replicas. Unless you smell or taste then, you can’t tell them apart. There are also their chopsticks and my favorite part – different Kit-Kat flavors. There is only two kinds of Kit-Kat flavors you can find anywhere in the world, but in Japan, you have the wide range of options, from strawberry to a bit weirder Purple Sweet Potato. If this article made you a bit hungry, Insider Monkey has another one, that is not that focused on the food and won’t make your stomach groans. So check out 11 cool stuff to buy in Japan.