What Your Car Reveals About You?


Driving is not just taking you from the spot A to B. Driving is a passion. Driving is love. Driving is a part of you. You can say much about people based on their driving and the car they own. So what your car reveals about you?
It might sound funny, but your vehicle is kind of unspoken way of communication. You can make a polite gesture by slowing down so they can pass you in the hurry. You can stop when someone is unsuccessfully trying to depart during the rush hour. You can stop and let walkers cross the street even if there isn’t a marked area for crossing.
You can also be rude while driving. You can hunk to others to deconcentrate them, you can challenge someone to race while on the semaphore, or you can take some parking space from a handicapped person.
The other thing that makes your car define your personality is the maintenance. Everyone that enters your car will see if your seats are ripped or dirty if there is a dust on your board if your interior is a bit decorated and personalized by you, or is it just a plain, boring instrument of transport.
And the most important thing is the brand of the car. You might be driving the national car, although it is already old-school, but you are a patriot and there is nothing that can stop you from driving the same car your grandfather managed to buy with his bare hands 60 years ago. Russians have Lada, ex-Yugoslovenians have Yugo. Believe it or not, even though they are out of line and most of the parts are not even manufacturing anymore, but when you come to these countries, you will run into at least 10 national vehicles in 5 minutes. On the other hand, cars are a representation of your financial status. If your car is expensive by itself and you additionally higher-equipped, it usually means that there are a lot of zeros on your bank account. Also, if you see some 19-year-old driving BMW i8, you can automatically assume that he is a spoiled mommy’s and daddy’s little boy who will possibly never grow up and become independent.
But to be honest, there are also many car lovers out there who can’t afford cars they love the most and have to settle for some lower than they ever expected. But that isn’t a problem as they can admire them on the car Platz or a car fair and keep their money in their pockets. On the bright side, they can save up enough until their dream car becomes cheaper. To give you some ideas about the cars you might want to save your money for, we represent you top 10 luxury car brands in the world that Insider Monkey’s research team thought of for you.