Where Can Statisticians Earn the Most Money?


Do you want to know where can statisticians earn the most money? Well, let’s play your game and take statistical research to answer this question.
To find the right answer, we consulted the Bureau of Labor Statistics. They provided the annual salary of statisticians in each state and the average hourly pay. According to these to data’s, the state that offers the biggest salary to statisticians in New Jersey. The annual salary is approximate $107,480, and the hourly wage is $51,67.

As statisticians, do you think that these two pieces of information are enough to find the best state for statisticians? Well, of course not. You all know that the amount of money isn’t the most important thing, but the amount of money that will remain in your pocket after you pay all the bills and buy the necessary goods for your house.  To find the most accurate information, we consulted Missouri Economic Research and Information Center.  As soon as we did it, New Jersey fall of the ladder. Although they offer the highest salary, they can’t brag with the low or even average cost of living since the accurate data is 121.

According to the Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, one of the states that pay off the most to live in general is Michigan, with the cost of living index of 88.2. Although Michigan has the lowest index of all the states we considered, it still hasn’t had the highest incomes for statisticians, which is why it got the third place of 20. As a statistician, you will understand that having the best score in only one feature can help something get in the higher position, but it doesn’t necessarily mean that it is, in general, the best out of the best.

So, giving all of the data we collected into consideration, the average annual and hourly wage and the living costs index, we sorted it out and placed North Carolina at the top. Why is that? The average annual salary is $99,000 and the hourly wage of $47,59, the living costs are not that high neither, which is why with that data, compiled with the average cost of 94.2, North Carolina deserved the first place at the Insider Monkey’s list of 20 best states for statisticians. By clicking on the headline, you would be transferred if you want to see the whole list.


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