Since it was found in 1492 and conquered a bit after that, America was the center of every human’s attention. As you may notice, most of the inventions and scientific accomplishments were achieved there or were in any other case linked to the America. Although, during the history, the American army was also the center of the attention when it came to slavery if you remember Indian’s and black people, but for the others, it has been the dreamland for a few centuries. And where do the US immigrants come from?

Before we go on with our topic, the first thing we should do is to make the difference between people who come to America to chase their dream and the refugee. As you might see, especially in last few years, the main ethnical group among refugees is Muslim, especially from Syria. After the birth of ISIS, we are kind of brought back to the Nazi system, but instead of going against Jewish people, ISIS’s terrorism is focused mainly on the religion by itself, not the people. But they claim they are eager to clean the mess humanity made over the past few centuries.

On the other hand, migrants who were not forced to move in that sense, are chasing the American dream for success. As we already mentioned, America is highly developed in almost every area of human expertise, which is why there has to be an opportunity for every person living there. The green card is a problem for some of them, but they make a big effort for staying in the circle. As we mention in several previous articles, the educational system of the United States is not their strongest side, but the things you can accomplish in the America after the year of 21 and even before that, are the things you couldn’t even imagine in other countries. The real proof of this statement is the scientist from all around the globe who were nowadays presented as the American origins simply because their accomplishments were established there. This wasn’t because they didn’t have faith in their countries, or were against the system, but truly, there weren’t that many opportunities for them back there. But this is not the only reason people leave their home to move to the America. These 10 countries where most immigrants come from today will tell you that. Check this link out to see for yourself.