Where Is the Best Climate for Longer Life?


Believe it or not, the quality and longevity of life mostly depend on the country you live in. Not because of the number of population, constructions, or the political organization, but because of the climate. And where is the best climate for longer life?

Before we get straight to the point of our article, we have to mention that climate is not the only factor in determining the longevity of life. Besides natural environment and weather, there are also the social ones that include developed health preventives, medicine, the overall level of stress, the pollution caused by vehicles and factories, and the contagious waste thrown by bigger industries. In order to get to the country with most auspicious circumstances for long life, Insider Monkey’s team had to pay attention to all these factors and came up with 10 countries with the best climate for longevity. According to Insider Monkey’s research, the country that has the most appropriate climate for long life is the Norway. With the approximately 81.6 years, Norway definitely had to take the top place on their list. Besides the good nutrition and peaceful life, the population of the Norway also enjoys the best health care system in the world. As you may notice, most of the countries have poor health insurance, which is why there are not that many people who own them. This usually leads to their not taking proper care of their health or life in general, which finally results in death. This is totally different when it comes to Norway. All the expenses for medical help are taken care of the state itself, at least for persons under the age of 16. The truth is, if the state would take care of all the health care expenses for every person in the Norway, it would probably lead to Norway’s economic collapse. This way, at least all the kids, no matter the social status, are taken care of in this sense.

If you don’t live in Norway but are curious if there is longer life waiting for you, check out the rest of Insider Monkey’s list of 10 countries with the best climate for longevity and see if your country took some place there and why it is or isn’t.