The third year in a row, the aviation industry has achieved the higher return of investments than the initial cost of capital was, which allowed the airport’s companies to spread, allow more airplanes to land, and more passengers to attend flights. Due to that, aviation industry started earning a big money, estimated to $35.6 billion in 2017. As the most airports are placed in the US, we managed to rank the biggest airport, with all the important data and earnings. Do you know where the biggest airport in the US is placed and how much passengers does it handle on a daily basis? Stay tuned as we answer these questions among everything our team prepared for you.

Before we continue to the biggest individual airport in the US, let us first observe how the whole aviation industry made an improvement. The first thing they did is they increased the number of passengers, but declined the number of the total aircraft movement.

As the oil prices went low, aircraft companies allowed themselves to low the prices as well, which helped them gain more passengers and therefore the bigger amount of money. While these numbers were combined precisely and with the big success, aviation companies made one more demand that allowed them to catch all the benefits of their business and that’s the decision of total aircraft movement. Although bigger airplanes spend more fuel, however, if the amount is far less than a double in compare to the smaller planes, but they can carry far more passengers. Combining bigger planes, with more passengers for lower ticket prices, but also lower prices for fuel and fewer planes shifted, you are on the top of the business.

This was also obvious to the biggest airport in the US – Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. This is said to be the busiest airport in the world, with the total annual movement of 882,497 and more than 101 million passengers on the annual basis. And besides being the biggest airport in the US, according to the research Insider Monkey’s team made, it also jumped right on the top of their list of 20 largest airports in the world in 2017. The airport that took 20th place on their list is San Francisco International Airport that has the half less annual movement as well as the annual passengers. If you compare these too, it is pretty obvious how did Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport does the business. If you are interested in knowing more, see the rest of the article of  20 largest airports in the world in 2017 on Insider Monkey.