If you have chosen your career path as a construction worker, you can be sure that you will never be left out of a job. Due to the increase in the US population and manufactures, there is a lot bigger need for new or upgraded buildings and, therefore, a demand for construction workers. And where is the biggest salary for construction workers?
The demand for construction workers is big. According to the database, there are 887,580 recorded construction workers nowadays. But what about the ones that work on the black market? If you would think that this means that you would hardly manage to get a job in this field because of the increasing number of already employed construction workers, you are wrong. The demand never vanishes.
The hourly wage for construction workers is about $17,57, which is approximate $36,550 on the annual basis. This doesn’t mean that you, as a construction worker can’t end up with a bit bigger salary. This mostly depends on the company that you will be working for or the private managers, the state you are living in, and the salary you are going to give to your employees if you have the intention of having them. Having that said, we managed to find out where are construction workers most paid, consulting the US Bureau of Labor Statistic’s database as the most credible resource.  According to their database, the state that shows the most appreciation towards construction workers financially is Illinois that pays $49,770 annually to construction workers. On a brighter side, the employment in Illinois is 32,560 and there is always room for at least dozen more. But if you don’t like Illinois that much, Insider Monkey’s research team compiled a list of, not 10, but 25 best states for construction workers. So check them out, and find the perfect fit for you.