Where Is the Chicken Producing Industry Most Developed?


According to the data collected from the National Chicken Council, the consumption of broiler chickens per capita in the US is 90.4, which is almost two times more than the pork consumption. To be sure you are getting the right and properly looking after goods, you need to know where is the chicken industry most developed and how all the products were made and treated.
To grow a chicken farm, the easiest type of chicken you should start with are broiler chickens. Chickens are easy to treat and sell in general, but broiler chickens are gaining you profit after only 6 months after their birth. Besides, the chicken industry had help from the fast food industry. KFC, McDonald’s have raised their bars when it comes to the variety of their offer, which resulted in faster development of the chicken industry. Besides, chicken meat is the cheapest meat out there, a lot cheaper than the beef and the pork.
In 2015 only the US factories produced about 8.68 billion broiler chickens, which was about 53.36 billion pounds overall.
South Carolina, for example, produced 1.75 billion of these 53.36 billion pounds and earn $939.73 million only in chicken industry. This is a big jump for their economy as South Carolina’s economy is mostly relying on agricultural goods. But, for some reason, vandalism of farmers is a common thing in the state of South Carolina. Because of it, South Carolina suffered a big loss of $1.7 million in 2015 due to James Laverne Lowery killing and torturing over 300,000 chickens. This resulted in both farmer’s and their families’ financial and source loss, as well as the economy fail. Killing chickens can be treated as the animal cruelty as well, but it is seen as a circle of life for centuries for everyone, except vegetarians. They are against any type of violence against living creatures, including even the eggs.
If you thought that South Carolina had big income even with $1.7 million loss, try again. The biggest income in the chicken industry actually goes to Georgia. Out of this 8.68 produced chickens, even 1.34 billion came from the state of Georgia, raising the economy for $4.25 billion overall. This is why it came as no surprise at all that the state of Georgia took the first place among 10 biggest chicken-producing states in America.