Where Is the Tallest Cathedral in the World?


I remember my trip to Spain. We were still in high school, and our tour guide walked us through the art of Anthony Gaudi. He showed us some scratches and then was a time for a real, touchable art. And there she was. The most beautiful, most perfect and scary at the same time. Sagrada Familia. We sat in front of them for about two hours, hoping that the queue will soon be cleared and that our guide was lying to us when he said that the queue that long doesn’t only exist when the cathedral is locked. Even then, there are many people already taken place in line to be the first in a row in the morning. But, when I looked it up a bit, I couldn’t find any credible resource that placed Sagrada Familia as the tallest cathedral in the world, or at least one of the 10 tallest cathedrals in the world. So which one is it?

According to the trough research done by Insider Monkey’s team, the tallest cathedral in the world is placed in Ulm, Germany and it is 530ft tall. That’s the Ulm Muenster that was built around 1890, and back then, not just only that it was the tallest cathedral in the world, but the tallest building ever built by that time. In 1901 it lost the title of the tallest building ever, but, until today, it is the tallest cathedral ever.

As always, German people are trying to be the best out of best in every field, so as this one. If you are into it, you can check Insider Monkey’s article about 11 tallest cathedrals in the world and, if so, you will notice that out of 11 tallest cathedrals in the world, 4 are placed in Germany. Starting from the shortest, there are St. Peter’s Church in Ulm, which is about 436 ft tall. Then we have St. Nicholas Church in Hamburg with the amazing 482 ft. On top of it is the Cologne Cathedral in the same-named city in Germany, which is 516 ft tall, and, at the top is already mentioned the Ulm Muenster. One more interesting fact is that three out of these four cathedrals are placed in top 5. Would you like to see the rest of the list of 11 tallest cathedrals in the world?