Conditions like asthma and migraine are not a joke and no matter how careful you think you are, the consequences can be devastating. As for the migraine concerns, it often shows up without any reason at all, which is why you don’t know how and when they will appear and there is no way to prevent them. Well, there almost isn’t a way to prevent them. As the climate is one of the biggest and most frequent causes of asthma and migraine attack, you should consider where you should move if you are diagnosed with some condition.

According to the Global Asthma Network, over 330 million people are suffering from asthma and the biggest number of patients is children. This condition also appears to be more common among women than men. On the other hand, The Center for Disease Control reported that 24 million of the people suffering from the asthma attacks are the US citizens and, according to their statistics, each day 10 Americans die from the asthma seizures.

On the other hand, there are no records of people dying from a migraine, but even if they are not deadly, it doesn’t mean that this condition isn’t dangerous. Besides the pain in the head, which is a lot worse than the usual headaches, migraine includes other symptoms such as nausea, sensitivity to light and sound and chills.

There are many reasons why these attacks appear, but one of the biggest is the climate change as well as the change of the weather. Which is why it is best to avoid places where the climate is triggering,  and pick some other, a more steady place to live in.

As the numbers show, the most suitable places for people suffering from a migraine are cities in Canada because of the lack of drastic weather changes as well as high air pressure.  On the other hand, Florida seems to be the dream come try for asthma patients. If we disregard the fact that there is no public smoking ban and that the high percentage of citizens don’t have the insurance, patients who were diagnosed with asthma would live here with their full lungs, as cities in Florida are ranked high on the lists of cleanest US cities for ozone air pollution and for year-round particle pollution. If you want to see all the options you have, try out 10 best places to live in US and Canada for a migraine suffers and 11 best cities to live for people with asthma.