Do you know where to apply as a web designer? As the number of website rises also rises the number of needed web designers. When people run into some new site, the first thing they notice is not the content, but the looks. Nicely designed pages are more likely to attract more people who remain faithful to the site if the content is also good, but the blank ones with just a few pictures and the text in it, no matter how good the writing is. That is why the web designer’s job is so important in the website industry and due to that, very well paid. For becoming a web designer, you need to have imagination and good creative skills. Working with clients doesn’t only include interactions such as the ordering with the precise requirements, which sometimes sound good in theory, but are the real disaster when done. That is why good designers need to think everything through and have all of the information about the site, so their job can be perfect. Some web designers own done templates, which can be used immediately with some small modifications, but more often the clients require everything from the very beginning. This includes page layouts, colors, picture previews etc. With all of the money earned, comes the great responsibility for the site development. You’ll need to adjust your work to the whole team included in the project. But lately, there are more and more self-called web designers, whose work includes working on the pictures in Photoshop and using the templates previously downloaded from the internet. Said like this it sound easy to compete with. In the reality, this is not an easy task. With all of the freelancers available on every other site, it can be very difficult to step out of the crowd and show the people who hire online that you are better than others. But there are some companies which know how to appreciate your knowledge and skills even if you didn’t gain that much experience so far. Those companies usually require a lot of hard work and dedication, but, on the other hand, they also offer you the opportunity to learn new skills and practice with their team of experts in order to improve yourself and become of them. If you are looking for the opportunities like this, try out some of the 11 cities with the highest demand for web designers that our team chose for you and maybe apply for the position in some of them.