If you are a freelancer and looking for jobs, you should know where to find jobs as a newbie freelancer.

Freelancing is gradually becoming very popular as an earning source because of the perks it has. You can make better plans for your life because of the flexibility in work hour and workplace. But you have to put in a lot of effort while staying patient to reach a certain level of satisfaction from the money that you are earning or the work that you are doing. You should always try to pick the work that matches your skill set so that you can be happy doing the work.

If you are new to freelancing or you want to become a freelancer, there are lots of options out there that you can look into. Demand Media will make you go through a selection process before joining their ranks, but you can find a steady stream of work there requiring a variety of skills. You can also check out Project 4 Hire where you will find a lot of employers are looking for people with the desired skill set. LinkedIn is also quickly becoming a good place to look for freelancing work. There are other platforms like Media Bistro, Guru or Fiverr which have been identified to be friendly to beginners. Craigslist may not have the intense hype it previously enjoyed, but you can still find easy and reliable work there. But the best place to look for freelancing jobs is Upwork. It regularly improves the platform and has a solid employer base who offers a lot of different work. Even if you are beginner, you are sure to find work.

Insider Monkey has done its own research and they have a list of 11 Best Freelance Websites for Beginners. You can check that out too and if you are still interested, join any of these websites to get started.