Freelancing is quickly becoming a major income source for people, and if you love writing, you should know where to find the best freelance work if you are a writer.

Working as a freelancer may require a lot of patience, but it has its own set of unique perks. You can decide your own work hours and load. You can also work from any part of the world, making your life easier to manage. And writers surely love these facilities. But getting good jobs as a freelance writer is becoming tougher because of the competition and boring work offers. Still, if you want to establish yourself and make a good living, you should apply for all possible writing gigs.

If we are to name great websites to look for freelance writing jobs, Craigslist must be mentioned. Even though the hype about the website has subsided, it is still a good place to keep an eye on. You are sure to get desirable offers from time to time. You can also try your luck submitting interesting lists to Listverse. If your submission gets accepted, the website will remunerate you for your efforts. There are other specialized websites like Problogger, where you are sure to find a lot of writing related job offers. A majority of them may seem related to blogging, but you will find other types of writing work too. The best place to look for any freelance writing work is Upwork. The freelancing platform has lots of security and quality control measures to ensure quality job offers and you will surely find clients who are looking for people with your particular set of skills.

If this has got you interested, check out Insider Monkey’s list of 7 Best Freelance Websites for Writers and start applying.