Where to find the previous Top Chef winners?


If you are interested about the reality TV shows and want to know about what the winners do after the show, you should know where to find the previous Top Chef winners.

Top Chef is a cooking competition. Any person with the skills to create unique and flavorful dishes can compete. And the winner can get started on a path to fame. Apart from a nice $100,000 cash reward, the recognition helps that chef to get into cookbook contracts and open up signature restaurants. Since starting in 2006, the show has managed to constantly gain popularity and 2016 saw the completion of the 13th season. It has international versions as well as expert versions. So, we can surely say that the season winners cannot be called a “nobody”.

A few of the previous winners are doing quite well. Nicholas Elmi, the winner of the 11th season, has a successful restaurant named Laurel now. Richard Blais, 4th season’s runner-up and Top Chef: All-Stars’ winner, now has 3 different restaurants. He also has a cookbook and the experience of judging at the recent seasons of Top Chef. Michael Voltaggio actually had to defeat his own brother in the final to win Top Chef: Las Vegas. But after the show, the brothers have united to publish a cookbook and also open up multiple successful restaurants. He even has a Michelin star. Hosea Rosenberg has created a self-sustaining system with his Blackbelly Farm and Market. He gets all the required produce directly from his own farm. Stephanie Izard has also done very well opening up 3 restaurants and winning multiple awards.

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