A day without your children is something that every couple needs now and then. Although your life might sound perfect: married with two or three kids, good job, your own car and house, huge backyard, every couple should occasionally have some time alone which is why a get-away weekend is the best solution for you. And why should you stop there? You may even run to another state for the next 10 days, why not? If your children are old enough to be left with someone else and you have someone you can trust to take care of them, of course. And where to travel with your significant other? Well, you can basically go whenever you want and do whatever you want, only the sky is the limit. It all depends only on your desire and finance. Some couples are eager for a weekend in a spa center, some would like to lock up themselves in a hotel room and don’t go out for the next 10 days, and there are some couples who want to refresh their marriage and replay the time from the beginning of their relationship.

But what about the finance part? You really wasted your time on planning, if you can barely afford the rent for that month. That’s why the best solution is the black fund. If you start saving your money while the children are still toddlers, by the time they are able to be left with someone else, there would be enough savings for you to spend your whole weekend in luxury and it would be left enough for children’s college fund. The secret of a good marriage is not just fewer fights, but refreshing the relation every time there is an opportunity for it. So pack your bags, and try out some of 11 best places to visit in the USA for couples for a weekend Insider Monkey prepared for you.