What stars beside Ryan Gosling thanked their spouses in award speeches?


Now it has become the cliché that rewarded famous actors thanks to their wives and their family for support, but have you ever thought about what stars beside Ryan Gosling thanked their spouses in award speeches? He is not the only one who did that; almost every rewarded actor has to thank their beautiful half for their big support during the process of making a movie.

Although Ryan Gosling is well-known for not publishing private life to the billion of people around the world and strictly keeping secret all about his private life, he made an exception this time on the Golden Globes acceptance speech. Jeff Bridges is beside Ryan Gosling who thanked his wife in award speech. They are married for 33 years, so their kids three of them were included in this speech, how not to be after such a long marriage. One of the most famous Holywood couples is Denzel Washington and his beautiful wife. When he won the Oscar for the movie “Training day” when he said “My beautiful wife. I love you so much. You put up with me, in spite of myself. And my beautiful children at home”. When Steven Spielberg won the Oscars for the famous “Schindler’s list,” he just briefly mentioned his wife and thanked her for her big support, so we are quoting “For rescuing me 92 days in a row in Krakow, Poland”. Those who have not won such a high reward as the Oscars, do not know what this feeling is. So maybe sometimes when we heard their speech when they won some big award, it sounds tacky and pathetic. But some emotions that are then present is vast, and tears are always an integral part of the speech. When a big movie is created, when there are significant risks and when large amounts of money are invested, then the support of the loved ones is needed, especially when shooting is miles away from their home.

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