Which 2016 model smartphones have the best antenna reception?


If you have gone through the disappointment of your phone not making calls because of poor signal, you might have thought which 2016 model smartphones have the best antenna reception.

You can have poor signal either because of your surroundings or your usage style. Your signal reception can get impacted by your distance from the nearby cell tower, the capabilities of your mobile service provider or the nearby high-rise buildings. The original or protective phone casing can be made of materials that interfere with signal reception too. On other cases, low battery, outdated operating system or unnecessary apps in the phone can slow down the performance of the phone and cause it to underperform in signal reception. If you think of using signal boosting apps, they can help but they are not a permanent solution.

Antenna performance impacts both voice and data services. But voice performance evaluation is done using Total Radiated Power (TRP) and is denoted using positive dBm (decibel-milliwatt) value. So, higher the dBm value for TRP, the better. Data service evaluation is done using Total Isotropic Sensitivity (TIS) which always has negative value. So, the lower it is, the better. A study of 26 smartphones shows that the antenna design and left hand & right hand holding can significantly impact signal reception of phones. Basing on that study, the 2016 model smartphone with the best antenna reception is Samsung’s Galaxy S7 Edge as it performed well for TRP in both right and left hand and TIS value was also the highest.

If you want to know about the other high performing smartphones, read Insider Monkey’s 7 Smartphones with Best Antenna Reception: 2016 Models for the other features of those handsets.