If you like to know about the world around you, you should know which airports are the busiest based on aircraft movement.

Since the introduction of airplanes, the world seems to have gotten smaller. Now we can see large airplane manufacturers competing against each other to offer us more fuel efficient, more comfortable and more durable planes. It has helped the growth of air travel because there are many airlines and they can give very cheap prices for tickets. So, more and more people now prefer airlines for their long and even sometimes short distance travels. The United States of America is a glaring example of the rising popularity of air travel because innovative companies like Southwest Airlines have brought in low-cost or budget airlines, making air travel even more affordable. And we can the airports are getting busier every year.

How busy an airport is can be determined in two ways – by the passenger traffic or by the aircraft traffic. In the aircraft traffic assessment, the USA leads by a long way because of the size of the country and the observable sharp increase in people’s preference for air travel. The top 10 list is full of American airports with 8 representatives, whereas China and France can be proud that they at least managed to push in one representative each. The top airports have to withstand a lot of aircraft movement with even the 10th busiest airport witnessing more than 475,000 movements. On top of the list we have Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport, which sees more than 880,000 movements and is still observing growth in the number of planes that land on its runways.

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