Which American Idol contestants have been the most successful?


If you are a music lover and an avid viewer of American Idol, you must have thought of looking up which American Idol contestants have been the most successful.

The singing talent hunt competition was launched back in 2002 by Simon Fuller and it immediately became famous for the talents it showcased. It managed to stay as the most watched show in the prime time category for eight straight years and many talented contestants of the different seasons have proven themselves to be very successful in the music industry. That is why the list of the most successful Idol contestants is very competitive and offers singers specializing in a wide variety of genres. Many of them have received Gold or Platinum certification for their music albums which is a great honor. All of them top contestants have also sold millions of albums and have net worth over at least 3 million USD. We can clearly understand that they have won the hearts of so many fans with their voice.

Among the top stars, Jennifer Hudson has even won both the Golden Globe and Academy Award for her contribution to the film industry with her awesome voice. Apart from her, both Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood have won multiple Grammy Awards for their talent and contribution in the pop and country genre respectively. But Carrie Underwood quite clearly stands out among the famous American Idol contestants with her net worth of $70 million with more than 20 million records sold. She even holds a Guinness World Record.

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