If you are looking for a unique place activity around New York to pass time with friends and family, you should take a look at which apple and pumpkin farms near New York City and New Jersey are the best.

Even though it sounds weird, apple and pumpkin picking is gaining popularity among people. As these farms are usually outside the city limits, a visit to these farms can serve as both a family outing opportunity and a scope for collective family activity. They also have other fun activities to entertain adults and children alike. For example, Lewin Farm lets you pick a variety of fresh produce. It also has Christmas trees which you can take for your Christmas decorations. They even have a corn maze to keep the children occupied. Apple Ridge Orchard and Vineyard goes one step more in the experience with their wagons. You will have a real experience of driving through the plantation and then picking the fruits that you like. At Sun High Orchards, you will get a homely feeling with the cookies and ice-creams available for the guests. You will also get to pick your perfect pumpkin on any day of the week. Kelder’s Farm offers a wide variety of flowers in its garden, which you can pick yourself to make a bouquet of your own. Wightman’s Farms may have high limitations of the number of people they allow, but if you have membership, you can rest assured that the experience will be worth the cost. And Dr. Davies Farm is so beautiful and renowned that it has been used in the production of multiple advertisements, TV shows and movies.

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