Which are countries that have weapons of mass destruction?


Which are countries that have weapons of mass destruction? Today, when we are thinking about the world and happening around the world we keep asking ourselves a question, how can we, as individuals, initiate some changes in the world in order to make this world safer and better place. At the end of the road, we often conclude that we can not influence some big changes because we are very small and, as individuals, we do not have that power. Considering the power of governments around the world, economic power and power of weapons of mass destruction, we feel that we are very small and that the world’s security is in the hands of political or many other elites which are not visible to us.

Weapons of mass destruction come in many forms like nuclear, radiological, biological and many other types that have the power to kill a large number of people in certain places. Every big and developed country has developed nuclear weapons and, for now, the only purpose of producing these type of weapons is to protect national sovereignty by distracting enemies of a possible invasion, which would have catastrophic consequences for both sides. Also, there are a lot of international agreements which regulates this area, like The Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, Geneva Protocol and Biological and Toxin Weapons Convention. The only aim of these agreements is using nuclear weapons for peaceful purposes and preventing the spread of nuclear weapons. But, people are still afraid of these types of weapons because we still remember 1945 and throwing the nuclear bomb on Nagasaki and Hiroshima which killed over 129,000 people.

Because of these fears and other questions that you may ask yourself about this, Insider Monkey has published an article that lists 10 Countries that Have Weapons of Mass Destruction. According to them, Cuba stands at the 10th position in this list, which doesn’t have nuclear or chemical weapons but it has biological weapons. More about this and the rest of the article, you can check out on the link above.