Which are countries that produce the most refugees in the world?


Which are countries that produce the most refugees in the world? We live in a very unstable world. Countries are falling apart under political instability and the pressure of many terroristic attacks. Transitions to modern societies and democratization of many countries, for some of them, can be a very painful process. Because, in some countries, this process means brighter future, more human rights, higher salaries and better living conditions for citizens but on the other hand, in other countries, before they get there, they must go through hell. Political regimes of problematic countries that produce most refugees in the world, in many cases, are very authoritarian regimes and when the time for changes come, it is very difficult to adapt the system to those changes, which is very different from other democratic countries and there are also citizens who don’t like huge changes in their lives. That makes chaos, like terrorism and wars. Terrorism can be a product of the influence of some foreign countries and can be a response of some citizens on governmental decisions. Whatever it is, this makes a bad environment for citizens, who in the end, decide to leave a country. According to the UN Refugee Agency, 65.3 million of people were forcibly displaced at the end of 2015 and 21.3 million of them forced to go to another country to seek shelters. This is very disappointing, but we must accept the fact that it will always be wars in the world and that we will always watch these sad news on TV.

Today, when you hear about refugees crisis, you think of Syria, but there are so many countries in the world which produce refugees too. That was the starting point for our colleagues researchers from Insider Monkey, who made a list of 8 Countries That Produce the Most Refugees in the World. According to them, at the 8th position is The Central African Republic, where in 2012 erupted conflict between Muslim rebels and forces of the government. Click on the link above and read the whole article on Insider Monkey.