Which are countries that produce the most robots in the world?


Which are countries that produce the most robots in the world? When we think about robots, we are not thinking of some boring machines that do some tasks. We are thinking about some cool and big robots. For an older audience, the meaning of robot is the Robocop or the Terminator and the younger generation probably thinks of the robots from Transformers. But, the robots are not made just for the entertainment purposes, they are made usually for production purposes. These robots can do anything that a human worker can do. The catch is that the robots can do it better because they are more precise and endurable.

For the employer, the robot is the perfect worker. They do the job right, with no mistakes, they can do job longer (no laws, no human rights, just hard work as long as they are functioning), there is no sick days, no vacation, no maternity leave, no severance pay, no paycheck, they can do dangerous jobs because if they get broken they are easily replaced etc. As an employer, you just have to invest at the beginning and that is all. It costs a little bit more than regular machines but they pay off in a short period of time. This is why some people are against robots because they are taking all the jobs for the humans. In the modern era, more and more employers are taking robots because of the advantages above. But, they should not forget that the human factor is of a great importance and if we keep just the robots, that could turn back to us.

There are some countries in the world that are more technologically advanced and therefore are producing more robots than other countries. To find out which are those countries, you should read Insider Monkey’s article 8 Countries That Produce The Most Robots in The World. At the 8th place is Canada, who exported 1.5% of total industrial robots (or $61.2 million). To read about other countries that produce most robots, just click on the link above.