Which are easiest countries to buy a gun?


Which are easiest countries to buy a gun? This is a very sensitive question for every government in the world because it is related to the safety of citizens. It’s not surprising that this question has die-hard support and die-hard opposition. Because it is up to every government to strictly define who can buy a gun and who can’t. There can be a lot of issues of allowing these because they can be used for terrorism, criminal activities and homicides. In the US, in the last 50 years, 1.4 million people have been killed by guns. According to some statistics, there is one gun per every citizen in the country which has the population of nearly 320 million. So, the US is the example of the country which has to pay a lot of attention to this question in order to avoid chaos. In the United States and in many countries all over the world which had allowed buying guns, there is a chance to buy a gun from a licensed store. But, in many countries, governments are strictly opposed to this question and because of strict regulations, people are trying to find an illegal way to buy a gun in the black markets. This can be even worse situation because governments lose control of this sector.

However, Insider Monkey has researched this topic and published an article about this. They found 10 Easiest Countries to Buy A Gun in The World. At the 10 spot of this list is Honduras. Although the government of this country, banned the purchase of weapons in 2003, most types of shotguns and rifles are still available on the market for citizens. It seems that this regulation makes an even worse situation in this country because there are a lot of people who are carrying illegal guns. To see the rest of the article, just click the link above.