Which are the fastest growing YouTube channels in 2016?


Which are the fastest growing YouTube channels in 2016? When it has appeared 2005, no one could imagine that this site will grow rapidly and became the most popular sharing video site. Today, this site is the great source of educational, political, musical and many other materials. While some people use this network to watch entertainment videos, part of movies and series, there are other people who like educational content on this site, like “how to” tutorials where you can gain some skills related to coding, cooking, painting, and many other skills. It seems that is easier to learn something by watching a video about that, instead of reading long and boring books. If we add to that social networks which are great why for a promotion of these videos, we get an industry where an author of a video have the opportunity to make a lot of money, based on its videos and popularity. Because, if you attract more viewers to your channel, some of them will subscribe and more people will follow you and watch your videos every day which will increase the chance to earn more money.

For some authors of channels, it is necessary about one year or even more to grow up and build their base of videos and followers. But, some of them are clever and they succeeded to do this in one month, because of a good presentation or an interesting content, we don’t know. But, Insider Monkey knows which are 10 Fastest Growing YouTube Channels in 2016. At the 10th spot on this list is TheProGamerJay channel, which had gained 682,050 subscribers in 30 days! This is a very nice score, but there are even better YouTube players, so go check this article through the link above and maybe you will get an idea how to start your own channel.