Which are gadgets that were supposed to change the world?


Which are gadgets that were supposed to change the world? You are probably one of those people who is very excited when you hear information about new technologies which would probably change the world we live in. We see the world we live in today clearly and there is nothing special about that, but when we talking about the future and technology which will be introduced in the future and what influence will produce among the people, we have to say, it is very fun and exciting. But, many of these expectations did not come true or in the worst case scenario, new technologies presented to the public, flopped horribly. Many reasons for these failures are pompous announcements of these gadgets and technologies that eventually fail to meet consumer expectations. There is actually the movie which we can relate to this subject and that is Back to the Future. In this movie, main actors go in the future to the 2015 year and they see flying cars, hover boards and many technologies that did not occur that year, and even later. As the situation in this movie, consumers in the real world are often very disappointed in products from they expected so much because of their lack of functionality.

Our colleagues from Insider Monkey paid a lot of attentions to this subject and they have researched which technologies flopped horribly and results are presented in the article called 5 Gadgets That Were Supposed to Change the World but Flopped Horribly. At the 5th spot on this list is Google Glass. In 2013 Google launched this gadget and promise that the future of computing will be actually a computer which you will wear on your face but after two years, in 2015, Google had stopped producing these. Which were the main reasons for cancellation of making this product and other products that were flopped horribly, you can find out in this article on Insider Monkey.


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