Which are the least competitive nursing schools in America?


Which are the least competitive nursing schools in America? No matter if people think that being a nurse is an easy job, we must say that they are wrong. In some cases, nurses have even more responsibilities than doctors and because of that, there are many types of nurses. Some of these advanced nurses can diagnose and treat diseases, can prescribe a medicine for patients, make changes about treatment etc. Those are the cases where nurses have a master degree or they have attended some special course for that. So, they have a very important role in the health system. Because of this and high demands for these occupations, many schools have adapted their programs and they are trying to be more competitive in order to attract more people who want to do this in their professional life. Many schools have adapted their programs but they have a very hard and long process of enrolling students because of low acceptance rates. In order to enroll these schools, a potential student must go through a very boring and long process before making it.

So, we need to know how to avoid this and help people who want to speed up this process a little. Insider Monkey did an excellent research and came up with a list of 10 Least Competitive Nursing Schools in America. This doesn’t mean that these schools offer a lower quality program, but they have their own reasons why they want more students applicants. So, at the 10 position on this list is Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Allied Health Science. This college is not selective as much as others, so you would probably be a part of this program in a very short period of time. To check other schools from the list, just click the link above and keep reading this article on Insider Monkey site.