Which are military spending facts that will blow your mind? Every country in the world is trying to spend a rationale amount of budget money on their military to secure peace in their country and to have enough strength to defend itself from potential enemies. Many of them don’t have enough money to secure good military sector and those countries often find a solution to be an ally of some big military power, for example, USA, Russia or China. But in that case, these countries have to spend a certain percentage of its budget on paying some kind of rent to an ally (NATO members has to pay 2% of its budgets to this alliance). On the other hand, the most powerful countries that we mentioned above, have to spend a lot of money to the military sector to secure its borders and, even more, to spread its influence and its ideology around the world. The United States as the strongest military power in the world is at the same time also the biggest spender on defense sector with 596 billion dollars. In the 2015 year, the United States spent approximately 3.3% of its GDP on the military. This is something that this country can afford it and their citizens don’t need to have less money and lower standard of living because of these measures, although in other poor countries big military spending could cause bankruptcy.

We believe that you are very interested to find out more about military spending facts and because of that, you should read Insider Monkey’s article 16 Military Spending Facts That Will Blow Your Mind. Here is some very interesting fact for you at the 16th position on this list. In 2015, US defense spending was higher than combined military budgets of several countries which are United Kingdom, Japan, France, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and China. To see more interesting facts about military spending just click the link above and keep reading this article on Insider Monkey.