Which are the most ridiculous laws in North Korea? North Korea is a very specific country in so many ways. This country is isolated from other parts of the world because of its traditions and politic rules which are not usual in other countries. The political power is concentrated around one leader who rules the country and imposes very strange and strict laws and regulations to the people. While there was the Soviet Union, North Korea has been under its influence and during that time, living conditions were much better than today. But, when the Soviet Union fell apart, it seems that country started to go in the wrong direction and then came these strange regulations. So, today North Korea is full of propaganda, poverty, and lack of human rights.

We could write a book about laws in Nort Korea. There are very strange regulations when it comes to tourism, where tourists have a very limited permission of walking through the country, talking with people or even buying stuff in local markets. On the other hand, Nort Korean citizens don’t have religious freedom, can’t migrate legally from the country, can’t watch porn or even can’t watch TV programs from South Korea. We can agree that government of North Korea have a very strange and oppressive system with a lot of radical decisions in their rules.

If you want to find out more about this, just read Insider Monkey’s article about 8 most ridiculous laws in North Korea. According to them, the 8th position is the rule about 28 government-approved haircuts! Yes, you read it right, the North Korean government want to control the hair styles of their citizens by suggesting them to get the haircut like Kim Jong-un’s. The other ridiculous laws you can read it in this article, which can be found on Insider Monkey.