Which are smartphones with the highest megapixel camera?


Which are smartphones with the highest megapixel camera? Today, when people are buying new mobile phones they often check a quality of camera as the main condition for buying the device. Of course, this way of thinking is a very good environment for manufacturers who are trying to provide new phones with higher megapixel cameras. This is a good trick to attract people to buy new phones just because of a higher megapixel camera. The higher number of megapixels, the better the camera. But people don’t know that higher number of megapixels are not guaranteeing that your pictures will look good. The quality of pictures depends on a lot of factors and pixels are just one of them. Pixels are tiny elements that make the structure of the photos. One million pixels make one megapixel. In many cases are proved that some 12-megapixel phones have better quality photos than 20-megapixel phones.

So, which elements we should take into consideration when we are buying a new phone? Except for megapixels, there are also aperture, the quality of the sensor and quality of image processing. Aperture is the most important thing that you have to consider whey buying a new mobile phone because the smaller aperture is, the more light passes through a camera and that results in better pictures. That means that megapixels are important but you should also pay attention to other details that are pointed out on mobile phone’s specification when buying a new device.

Our colleagues from Insider Monkey did an excellent research and discovered 10 Smartphones with Highest Megapixel Camera. According to them, Xiaomi Mi Note 2 with the 22.5MP camera stands at the 10th position of this list. If you want to find out the details about this phone and other phones from the list, check this link above and discover which phone has the highest megapixel camera.