Which are states where teachers have the lowest salaries?


Which are states where teachers have the lowest salaries? Although the United States are most developed part of the world and the 13th highest paying country for teachers, there is some inequality between the states when we talking about the work conditions of teachers. By that, we mean teachers salaries which will give them a choice to live life properly. Being a teacher is a very important role for every system, especially in the United States, because of high need for educated people. This is the main reason why the country and the states must pay more attention to this in order to provide competitive salaries to teachers.

Education is a vital part of every country. It has a huge impact on economy growth especially in most developed and organized countries like in the United States which needs educated people in its system. But it seems that some states don’t have regulated this sector and that state authorities don’t pay a lot of attention to teachers and school system in general. If we add to that the number of teachers at the national level is decreased, at some point, this could have very negative consequences for the system and the economy in general.

So, because of these arguments that we mentioned above, we need to see which states are bad at this. Insider Monkey has researched which states provide the lowest salaries for teachers and came up with a list of 10 States Where Teachers Earn the Lowest Salaries. At the 10th place of this list is Montana. While average annual salary of middle school teachers is $58,710, for teachers of all others levels is significantly lower. It seems that this state is not very good for teachers and if you want to know which of them are even worse than Montana, just click the link above.