Which are the 10 easiest fiber foods to digest?


Which are the 10 easiest fiber foods to digest? At the young age, people are eating everything they want without the fear if they are going to digest it. But as the time goes by, with the signs of the first problems we see more and more what the advantages of eating healthy food are. Everybody knows the difference between carbs and protein, and some know what the fat does to the body. Most people, when going on the diet are trying to cut carbs and eat more proteins. But yet, they are disregarding the importance of eating fiber food. Fibers are extremely important because they are helping the digestion of other foods. While the body needs to work to digest proteins, carbs and fat, the fiber food takes none. It comes out of the digestive system in the same shape as we ate them. The fibers are very useful if you are trying to lose weight, because it will keep you full for a longer period of time, comparing to other food.

The fibers are very useful at reducing the risk of heart disease and diabetes, for maintenance of bowel health and blood sugar levels, at lowering cholesterol levels etc. But when it comes to any kind of food, the important thing to know is to be moderate. Taking none fibers is bad but you should not exaggerate with it. If you are under 50 years old, you should take 38 grams (men) and 25 grams (women) and if you are over 50 years old, you should take 30 grams (men) and 21 grams (women).

Every person on this planet has to know what are the foods that contain fiber because they contribute to our health in a big way. So, we suggest that you read Insider Monkey’s article 10 Easiest Fiber Foods to Digest. At the 10th place is Banana that has 2.6 grams of fiber in serving size of 100 grams. Bananas have proven to be helpful to digestion, have benefits for the health of the heart, but also have important ingredients like antioxidants, potassium, manganese and vitamin B6. With all that benefits you would think that it has many calories, but one banana has 105 calories, which is great also for weight loss. To read the rest of this healthy list, just click on the link above.