If you are totally in love with baking, we represent you the best baking classes in New York you should definitely attend.

Baking is not just making a food to satisfy your hunger. Baking is an art. That’s why New York City offers a wide range of baking classes led by experts from the different baking area.  For a different amount of money, you can take 2 to 2 and a half classes with 8 to 16 people or private online classes that you can schedule any time you need.  Of course, you can also watch Youtube or try out some of the book recipes, but why would you bother making a mess or guessing if you are doing a good job, when you can be checked and advised by a professional?

Since New York is kind of a combination of different cultures and nationalities, you can take from traditional courses to Asian and European ones. This way, you can learn to bake bread, cupcakes, french croissants and macarons, pies, gluten-free dishes, pastries and cake and cupcake decorations.

You can try one of my favorites, and that’s Tastebuds Kitchen.  During the day, this is a workshop for the youngest. At night, it is completely transformed into the adults BYOB kitchen. Tastebuds offers family and kids classes, the kitchen studio is highly equipped with adjustable tables and chairs so they can be used even by tinniest 2 years-old budding chefs. It is also designed for the creative baking ’’All you can make and eat’’ birthday parties. In Tastebuds you can learn to cook, bake, decorate and you can even learn different knife and other techniques. You can attend with your partner, or rent the whole teaching studio with your mates.  The studio is completed with a pint-sized Pantry Store where you can find all the kitchen accessories you need in your home.

As great as it sounds, Tastebuds actually isn’t the highest rated baking class, but 5th of 11 best bread, pie, pastry and cupcake baking classes in NY. So why wouldn’t you check them out and choose one? Believe me, this will be one of the best decisions in your life.