Which are the best cancer hospitals in the world?


Which are the best cancer hospitals in the world? The cancer is a very vicious disease, which can often result in the worst outcome – a death of the patient. This is why everyone is scared of this disease and if they receive a diagnosis of this disease, they are trying to find the best medical care for it. Every country tries to find the solution for dealing with cancer process and try to treat cancer patients in the best way they can, but not every country has enough money or expert staff to build a good hospital and provide a good care.

Medical treatment for a cancer patient is very important and often it is a matter of life or death. Cancer is one of the leading causes of mortality, according to the World Health Organization. 14 million new cases and 8.2 million deaths in 2012 are alarming data. It is important that every country tries and do their best of building the hospital, educate doctors and surgeons, that they provide the best medicines and finance new researchers. But only a few countries are successful at this.

If your loved one is diagnosed with cancer, you would want him or her to be treated in the best hospital. That is why our colleagues from Insider Monkey did the research in order to find out 10 Best Cancer Hospitals in the World. According to them, the 10th place belongs to “Peter Maccallum Health Centre, Australia” situated in Victoria as the first public hospital in Australia that is dedicated only to cancer patients. It has over 2,500 staff members including over 580 researchers which are situated in the 80,000 square feet of research space. To find out which are the rest of 10 best hospitals for cancer patient go to Insider Monkey’s article 10 Best Cancer Hospitals in the World.